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Homegrown Label Beyond The Vines Brings Its Signature Minimalist Style To A New Design Studio

By Vogue on 16 October 2020

Expanding its creative vision beyond its quintessential ready-to-wear collections, Singapore-based label Beyond The Vines delves into the world of everyday objects and debuts its new design store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Beyond The Vines opened its brand-new design studio’s mint-green doors to the community today, ushering in a rebranding of the label that will allow it to focus on the creation of lifestyle goods and homeware, as well as its signature fashion label.

Established in 2015 by Singaporean husband-and-wife team Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting, Beyond The Vines has long been a brand beloved for its exploration of fluid existence and the idea of humanity on the go. That essence has previously been distilled into every stitch of its ready-to-wear label for women, and will now be laced into the everyday objects that populate the design studio space. Celebrating differences while seeking common ground, the brand’s twofold emphasis on egalitarianism and accessibility feeds directly into its dual design ethos — create boldly, design simply.

Working in tandem with seven pairs of diverse, forward-thinking creatives to align form with function, Beyond The Vines’ In Plain Sight aims to continue to reflect effortless simplicity in every new item. Some of the personalities that Beyond The Vines collaborated with in working towards In Plain Sight include Yah-Leng Yu and Arthur Chin, founders of Foreign Policy Design Group, Charlie Lim and Jeanette Wee, a singer-songwriter and ceramicist, respectively, and Charmaine and Russell Seah, the founder of Elementary Co and a financial consultant, respectively. Drawing from all walks of life, in its new design studio Beyond The Vines has happened upon a singular approach to represent real stories, in order to resonate with real people.

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